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Library Rules & Regulations

  1. Students may enter the library and access the books only on the basis of schedule given by the University Authorities.

  2. Silence should be maintained in the library.

  3. Students should leave their personal books and notebooks on the shelf outside before they enter the library.

  4. On receiving a book, the student should examine the condition of the book. If there is any damage, it should be  brought to the notice of the librarian. Otherwise, the student will be held responsible for the  damage.

  5. A student will be allowed to keep a  book for 15 days from the date of issue. It may be renewed for further period of 15 days only. If the book is retained beyond the due date without renewal, a fine will be collected.

  6. Reference books are not meant for circulation.

  7. In the case of books being lost, either by the staff or students, they should be replaced by them at once with the latest editions of such books. If such books are not available with the booksellers or publishers or if they are out of print, double the cost of the latest edition of the book will be collected from the borrowers.

  8. All library users are expected to handle the books and magazines of the library with care.

  9. Users should not make any writings, markings, scribbling or underlining in the library books. Severe action will be taken on the students who mutilate Books, Newspapers or Magazines.

  10. The librarian is empowered to send out any student who misbehaves in the library.

  11. Students will not be allowed to borrow books from the library till the fine (if any) is paid or replacements (if any) are made as the case may be.

  12. Chatting, Gossiping and Disturbing others in the library are strictly prohibited.

  13. Students should use their library identity cards to borrow books from the library.

  14. Students are advised to keep the library identity cards safely.

  15. The library ID cards should not be tampered with. In case of loss of the library ID card, the same should be immediately brought to the notice of the librarian. 

  16. Duplicate library ID cards can be obtained  against a payment of Rs 300/-. 

  17. Library ID cards are not transferable.

  18. The owner of the library ID card will be responsible for the book borrowed against it.

  19. Students are expected to surrender the library ID cards to the librarian at the time of getting no due certificates.

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